03MAY14- Go to our Giveaway page and register to win a Free Sig 1911 .22LR in FDE. See page for the rules.

18APR14- We have recently expanded the shop double its original size. Come browse the store with more firearms and accessories and more breathing room.

10APR14- We are pleased to announce that we are offering a 90 day layaway plan with no fees. The terms are 20% down and a minimum payment every 30 days of 20%.

10FEB14- We are now an BATFE e-forms dealer for class 3 items. If you are filling with a trust, LLC, INC. we can electronically file your form 4 and cut down drastically on the wait to a reasonable 3-4 months compared to the old 9.5-11 months with the old mail in forms. Go to our class 3 page for more details.

06SEP13- We now offer financing for in store purchases. Check out the Financing page.

21JUN13- Several customers have told us they had trouble finding the shop. It is pretty easy. If you are on Highway 78 and go toward the fairgrounds from Summerville we are the next industrial park on the right, after the old abandoned shopping center (Heritage Square) at Berlin G and Highway 78. The name is Parkway Business Center. Look for the yellow "GUN SHOP" sign out by the road. Shop hours are Monday-Saturday from 10am-7pm.

01DEC12- ATTENTION- Do not order a gun for another person. Even if they are paying for it and picking it up for themselves. We donot want to be involved with any type of straw purchases. If the person doesn't have a gunbroker acct, make them one. Whatever name comes on the paperwork is the only person that will be able to pick it up. If you are gifting a gun, buy them a visa gift card and let them order the gun themselves or you buy it and them gift it to them which is perfectly okay.

16NOV12- Sad that we have to do this but unless you are deployed on military orders or make previous plans with us we reserve the right to charge $5 per day on top of the normal $20 Transfer Fee for any transfer firearm not picked up within 30 days from time we sign the gun into our log book. (Does not apply to Class 3 items) Any gun not picked up within 90 days will be auctioned on Gunbroker to the highest bidder with the bid starting at $1. Any storage fees and gunbroker fees will be held out of the proceeds and any remaining money will be held at HHB until you decide to pick it up.

07NOV09- Check us out on Facebook and You Tube. Click Here for Facebook and become a fan.Click Here for YouTube and subscribe to our channel.

Retail Sales

We have tons of distributors for regular and Class 3 items. Please stop by the shop and check out our showroom.

On Class 3 items we are dealer direst with most manufactures and get awesome pricing that can be passed on to you. We make money and you save money.... Everyone is Happy!

ATF Licensed Type-07 Manufacturer in Firearms

Class-02 SOT/NFA Manufacturer

Transfer Service

Buy your next regular or Class 3 Firearm online and we will conduct transfers for $20 per regular firearm and $75 per Class 3 Firearm.

Your out the door price would be:

1. Price of Firearm

2. Shipping Fee paid to Seller (Normally $15-$25)

3. $20 Transfer Fee for Regular Firearm / $75 Class 3 Firearm

We handle Long Gun, Handgun, and all Class 3 Transfers.

Most regular Firearms are received from other FFL's and transferred to you on the same day *to ensure you get what you paid for in a timely manner. (* Pending a Proceed from NICS Check)

You can be sure that your new firearm will be secure in our possession. We will be sure all firearms are placed in our safe upon receipt until which time they are transferred into your possession.

Call or E-mail us today for your next purchase or transfer in the Lowcountry! 843.261.5555 or sales@hhbguns.com


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